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Domain Registration

Domain names are the main identity of your website. When you register your domain name, it will officially provide you with a URL address that will specifically be yours and nobody else would be able to use the same. People entering your domain name in the address bar of search engines will be automatically directed towards your website. Proper selection of Domain name is a very important criterion in setting up a business online.

Quality domain name will drive quality traffic to your website, thus increasing the popularity of your website along with its search engine's ranking. We help you to select and register an accurate Domain names for your business website.

Shared Hosting

Did you just started with an online business? We recommend you to choose shared hosting for your site. Shared hosting is sufficient to handle a growing website with moderate visitors. In shared hosting, your site shares resources with many other sites on the server. We make the shared hosting available for your website and start off the newly setup business.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Websites in Virtual private server are hosted on virtual machine for exclusive use by an individual customer of the service. The VPS is most advantageous as it provides the services of both a dedicated server and a shared hosting server. The VPS is a big server broken down into many small virtual servers, each having their own operating system.

The VPS hosting ensures complete technical control to the owners of websites and allows them to install any software they desire. This is not allowed by shared web hosting. The users of VPS have autonomous control over their servers, which are protected by root passwords known only to them. This provides more resources to be used by the website as it grows. We recommend and provide Virtual private servers (VPS) for such clients.


A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. We recommend dedicated hosting for your website if:

- Websites that store and use confidential data.
- Web sites that use custom-made components or perform special tasks.
-Web sites that make intensive use of the available processor or memory capabilities.
-Web sites that receive large traffic.


Cloud computing is location-independent computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization, service oriented architecture and utility computing. Cloud hosting is super-cheap compared to traditional dedicated hosting. A cloud-based server doesn't take up space in racks, doesn't required dedicated hardware, or any of the other costly stuff that physical servers require. Instead, one uber-powerful server can host several virtual servers, thus cutting down on costs at the data center, which gets passed to us.

On top of that, a lot of clouds hosting providers only charge you for what you use. If you only need a server for a few days / weeks for testing, you only need to pay for the time it was up and running. No commitments, no monthly charges whether you use the server or not, nothing. Also as the site is maintained on the cloud network it makes sure that your site never goes offline, even any of the server fails. We recommend cloud hosting for business related to services.